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Project resume

The image of our establishments is anchored on professional training of success and excellence, in particular technical training with significant job opportunities. The lycée clearly plays an essential role in the social and professional integration of students who drop out of school and wishes to maintain a high level of quality in education by integrating the challenges of energy transition and European cooperation.

In fact, the school has three priority objectives.
To start, we want to individualize the practices by setting up a project pedagogy where each learner brings a piece to the service of the collective and the realization of the project.
Then, it seems to us decisive to respond to the problems of air pollution to go beyond the simple framework of the school and to make glimpse the displacements as an extension of an ecological and sustainable way of life.
Finally, we want to work on the very vital theme of education for sustainable development.
All our young learners are at the heart of a new political, economic and educational dimension that is sustainable development.

This dimension cannot have meaning at the single level of a country. Take up the challenges linked to Development Education. In our project on air pollution in our cities « We Want To Breathe Free », it allows six schools from six different European countries – FRANCE, ROMANIA, ITALY, SPAIN, BULGARIA, TURKEY to work together on the same problem to meet the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations by 2030.

We will work with students from 6 different countries aged 14 to 18 in the field of air pollution over 2 years with refunds every quarter.
The « We Want To Breathe Free » project is based on 6 activities:
activity 1: The study of air pollution in cities.
activity 2: Compare the link between development and air pollution
activity 3: Propose solutions to reduce polluted air
activity 4: Implement solutions to reduce polluted air
activity 5: assess the impact of these solutions to reduce polluted air in
activity 6: Distribute these solutions to reduce polluted air in cities and create a documentary film.

International collaboration will be done with the European Etwinning platform.
The learners will go on short trips to the partner establishments to study, propose and implement human-sized solutions to reduce air pollution.
The documentary film will be developed to show the work done and to inspire people to reduce air pollution.
We will use this work to promote this European collaboration project in all the countries carrying the project using a national and international communication plan.

As a result of this project, we want to truly develop the autonomy of these young people in work as well
academic than professional. We also want to improve their communication skills, these will have
worked and exchanged with high school students in another language, learned to use a good part of the digital exchange and sharing tools available in Europe.
We will be attentive to their future professional integration in France but also perhaps in Europe. In the longer term, all of these evaluation criteria will constitute our internal indicators for all of our training courses present in high school.

Thanks to this project pedagogy based on international cooperation we expect our students:

  • a wider cultural opening towards the international and development of collaborative actions on the respect of
    the environment.
  • a more solid perseverance and school climate with effect on the school, on the district, on the city.
  • a different understanding of professional training by considering possible opportunities on a scale
  • a rise in the level of ambition, a widening of perspectives, a legitimate and demanding learning experience, work on self-image.
  • less dropping out of school / demotivation thanks to the prospect of meaningful mobility along the way
  • development of their intercultural understanding.
  • be convinced of learning at least one foreign language.
  • development of their autonomy.

Finally, with this project, we expect our students to become active, responsible and environmentally responsible European citizens.